AJ Fernandez Cigar Event

AJ Fernandez Cigar Event

Abdel J. Fernandez or popularly known as AJ Fernandez, a Cuban-born cigar maker and owner of Tabacalera Fernandez has revolutionized cigar blending to produce unparalleled high quality and premium cigars. He is recognized as one of the best cigar blenders in the world and his products are known in cigar lounges and cigar stores all over the world. Check out Cigar stores in Brevard County for AJ Fernandez cigar varieties.

To appreciate the notable contributions of AJ Fernandez in the cigar industry, we want you to join us on September 24th, 2021, from 5:00 PM -9:00 PM in a special event for The AJ Fernandez New World Collection along with his Dias de Gloria collection. 

The New World Collection is AJ’s first collaboration with his father Ismael and is inspired by tobacco’s discovery and introduction to the world in 1492 thus the name “New World”. The Dias de Gloria collection, on the other hand, honors the time which AJ believed to be the glory days of Cuban tobacco. These two collections are available for purchase at this event. Cigar deals and discounts of up to 20% will also be offered throughout the event. Not only that, but we also have a raffle with the below as Grand Prize:

  • 1 Beautiful High Lacquer Logoed Humidor
  • 1 Logoed Travel case
  • 1 Logoed Ashtray

For a chance to win, just buy any of our cigar products. 

  • 2 cigars = 1 raffle ticket
  • 5 cigars = 3 raffle tickets
  • 1 Box of Cigars = 20 raffle tickets

We would like to welcome all cigar enthusiasts and newbies to BREVARD COUNTIES NEW STANDARD IN CIGAR ENTERTAINMENT…

Come and join us at Smoke Rings ’72 Cigar and Pipes for a fun day of food, raffle, and premium cigar experience with AJ Fernandez.

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