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10 Facts About Diamond Crown Cigars

Diamond Crown cigars are one of the most popular brands of cigars on the market. Every cigar made by this brand is made by skilled master artisans using the finest tobaccos, with each cigar handcrafted to perfection. If you are looking for a great cigar with a rich history, the Diamond Crown line should be on your list to try.

Here are ten things you need to know about these amazing cigars.

  1. The company that makes these cigars – Diamond Crown Cigar Manufacturing – was founded by Stanford Newman. He was the son of Julius Caesar Newman who founded the J.C Newman Cigar Company. He thought that the best way to celebrate the Centenary of the J.C Newman Cigar Company would be to revive his father’s vision of creating rich and full-flavored cigars.
  2. Diamond Crown is considered a super-premium brand of cigars that are handmade in the Dominican Republic by Tabacalera A. Fuente for the J.C. Newman Cigar Company.
  3. The tobacco used in these cigars is still grown using Old World traditions, and it shows in the quality of every product. To minimize bruising or damaging the growing tobacco leaves, the tobacco fields are still plowed by manually using donkeys.
  4. Every Diamond Crown cigar is made with aged tobacco that has been aged for no less than five years. Before being sent to a cedar aging room, the tobacco goes through three separate inspections, as well as barn aging, temperature-controlled aging, and oak barrels.
  5. The Connecticut Fermented Wrap of every Diamond Crown cigar is created by hand and contains only 6-7 tobacco leaves that have been rolled by expert cigar makers. They undergo rigid quality testing before they are released publicly. They are examined closely to make sure that they meet the company’s highest standards.
  6. No chemicals are used in the tobacco that is used to make a Diamond Crown cigar. To preserve the taste of each leaf, only organic chemicals are used on tobacco plants. The growers utilize GPS monitoring to determine which microelements should be in the soil to ensure that the tobacco plants get enough nutrition.
  7. The cigars are made in a 54-ring gauge, allowing for the combination of six to seven distinct leaves for a unique and unrivaled taste.
  8. The cigars were oversold before they were even released, as they had been launched exclusively on the west coast which made them hard to find and in high demand.
  9. Today, the Diamond Crown brand has expanded to include a wide range of cigar goods and accessories.
  10. The Diamond Crown brand, like many other top-rated cigars, has remained one of the best on the market today. They are one of the most familiar brands you will find when cigar shopping in a cigar lounge Brevard County.


Diamond Crown cigars offer a rich taste in every cigar they make, providing their customers with the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. It is truly one of a kind and should be on everyone’s list to try! Find a cigar lounge in Brevard County to try them out!

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