Savinelli Pipes: A Legacy of Italian Artisanship

Pipes are beginning to make a comeback as more people are seeing them as a hip and classy way to smoke. Savinelli is one brand that stands at the forefront and is one of the most popular on today’s market and with good reason.

Savinelli pipes are the embodiment of elegance. They have been around since 1876 and are hand crafted. Savinelli pipes are known for their durability and classic Italian style that has been passed down for generations. 

Today, this legacy of Italian artisanship continues, as each pipe is made by master craftsmen by hand-selecting the finest grades of Italian briar. They remain a top choice for collectors and connoisseurs, as well as those who want a pipe that will last. If you’re looking for an elegantly designed pipe with a rich history, better check out Savinelli Pipes for sale.

Before you go searching for Savinelli Pipes near me, here are some interesting facts you might want to know about them. 

How are Savinelli Pipes made?

At Savinelli, the process of creating a pipe begins with the selection of briar wood. It must meet its standards for density, grain pattern, and color. From a piece of briar, there are two potential options. The first one is the well-known freehand style, which is the Savinelli Autograph or Artisan. In this case, the piece of briar is inscribed with a design based on the wood features and the artisan’s personal touch. 

The second option is to build a predefined model with established proportions and tested features, such as the Giubileo Oro. The appropriate sizes for the briar pieces are determined manually using specialized equipment.

After that, the pieces are lathed using two paired blades to form the chamber hole and outside bowl contour up to the shank height. A second turning forms the shank and finishes milling the chamber bottom section.

Manual carving is used to form a round shape bottom that is connected to the shank. Colors are then applied manually and removed with special fans.

Finally, wax is applied to the surface of the pipe and polished by hand until it shines. Once this process is finished, the pipe is ready to smoke!

Why Buy a Savinelli Pipe?

Savinelli pipes are known for their classic Italian style, making them a great choice if you’re looking for an elegant smoking pipe. While there are many brands of pipes on the market, Savinelli pipes are consistently ranked among the best. In addition, when you buy a Savinelli pipe from an authorized retailer like SmokeRings ’72, you can be certain that it is high-quality and designed to last. 

If you’re looking for a high-quality pipe that has been handcrafted with great attention to detail, then Savinelli pipes are the right choice for you. 

Shop for Savinelli Pipes for sale!

A Savinelli pipe is a work of art, and each one reflects decades of Italian craftsmanship. Search for Savinelli Pipes near me if you’re looking for high-quality pipes that do not disappoint.

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