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7 Reasons Why Cigars Are the Perfect Gift

Whole year round can be a season of gift-giving and it’s always good catching up with our friends and families. Aside from sumptuous food, giving presents is also common during get together. If a friend happens to love socializing and spending time with you in a cigar and lounge, you can give him/her cigars as a present. Yes, it might not sound like the usual gifts but we will give you the reasons why cigars are the perfect whole year round gifts. 

1. They are not bulky

When giving a gift always consider a handy package with a nice wrapper. What is inside is really important. If the person loves cigars, he/she will definitely love them.

2. They are disposable

Cigars are consumable products. After you are done smoking it, you can easily dispose of it. It is one of the most practical gifts to give. If you are unsure where to buy cigars, you can check out cigar lounge Brevard County

3. They are fancy

It is undeniable that cigars come in good packaging and beautiful presentation. Anybody who loves cigars would definitely be delighted when they receive a sampler set of cigars.

4. You can explore many taste notes with every cigar variant

Cigars won’t make you bored especially when every origin offers different taste notes. If you prefer some earthy notes, there’s a cigar for that even when you like nutty notes. If you hang out often at a cigar and lounge, you will know what I mean. Some of the famous brands to choose from are Arturo Fuente, Padron, Flor de Oliva, Diamond Crown, CAO, Romeo y Julieta, and Montecristo

5. They give joy

Admit it, every time we smoke cigars, dopamine is waving. Giving it as a gift to someone who also loves it is like sharing happiness and joy. They relieve stress from the daily hustles and can make us calm to seize the day. They help us be awake and have the energy to talk with our friends in the cigar lounge Brevard County.

6. It is sharable and practical

If you are imagining it as literally sharing one piece of a cigar, you are wrong. Since most cigars come in packages or sets, you share other cigar sticks with friends or wrap them as a present. Not only do you share the joy but you also save in purchasing cigars and vice versa. In other words, you can trade cigars with other variants with your friends. 

7. They come in Sampler Sets

If you really enjoy smoking cigars and you want to share the good news with your friends, you can give them a cigar sampler set. It is perfect for those who are newbies in the world of cigars as they can explore its variety and can choose which variant or notes they really want. From the perspective of the giver of the gift, it is also convenient to give a sampler set as you worry less about which specific variant you should give.

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