Shirtless Mike's Cigar of the Week- November 16, 2022 - CAO Mortal Coil

Shirtless Mike’s Cigar of the Week- November 16, 2022 – CAO Mortal Coil

CAO Mortal Coil

Wrapper: American Broadleaf
Binder: American Shade
Filler: Honduran. Nicaraguan, Dominican Andullo

CAO Mortal Coil is definitely a cigar that surprised me right out of the gate!

CAO Mortal Coil
CAO Mortal Coil

This is one of the most unique broadleaf cigars that I have smoked recently.

Sure it has the signature broadleaf strength to it, but this cigar was made by using a centuries old technique of taking cured tobacco leaves and wrapping them in palm tree pods called “Yaguas” which has produced a dark leathery tobacco that tastes both strong and sweet.

Throughout my time of smoking this cigar I got some unique flavors out of it, lots of leather, and spice and sweet flavor notes. Sometimes I even had the impression that some of the flavor I was experiencing almost tasted like the tobacco was also cured in a bourbon barrel even though I know this wasn’t the case. This was most likely due to the unique fermentation process which to my knowledge I’ve never smoked a cigar using this same process. 

In addition to the first set of notes I tasted quite a bit of black pepper and cocoa notes combined with hints of saltiness like when you taste a sunflower seed. Throughout the smoking experience this cigar burned great and had excellent construction. The band was easy to remove, it is wrapped around the cigar so it needs to be removed pretty early in the smoke so you don’t burn through it.

If you like a medium plus body cigar this is certainly worth a try. Lastly this cigar ends very smooth and I never received any sort of bitter characteristics which is a major plus!  Next time you come in be sure to ask about CAO Mortal Coil and I’m sure you will also be pleasantly surprised by how good this cigar is! 

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Shirtless Mike's Cigar of the Week- November 16, 2022 - CAO Mortal Coil

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