5 Tips to Starting a Great Cigar Collection

Collecting cigars can be an expensive hobby, but they can also be a worthwhile investment especially if it provides value to your life. However, it can be difficult knowing where to start when you first want to begin your cigar collection. So, before you head to a cigar shop in Brevard County, it is important to know what you’re getting into before you dive in headfirst.

Here are 5 tips for starting a great cigar collection.

Determine the cigars that you like.

Determine the cigars that you like and which ones are your favorite. This will help you decide what kind of budget to set for yourself, and what you should look for in a cigar. More importantly, it doesn’t make sense to buy cigars in bulk when you don’t like them. So, wherever you go to local cigar shops to try a new cigar, takes notes if it is something you would want to have again and find out where it originated. Try sampler packs as much as possible. This will give you an idea of what type of cigars you enjoy and easily find cigars that are similar to your preferences.

Buy from reputable sources.

The people that you buy from will greatly affect the outcome of your cigar collection. The tobacco industry is a shady one, and some companies use cheap products and will cut corners to make a bigger profit. When you buy from reputable sources, not only do you receive the best quality cigars possible, but you are also supporting a company that has values in line with your own. Try going to a trusted cigar shop with great cigar collections.

Invest in quality humidors and other storage devices.

Cigars do not last forever. They are best enjoyed a few months after they were purchased for maximum freshness and flavor, so it is important to purchase quality humidors and other cigar storage devices. Investing in a good humidor will ensure that your cigars last longer and are always ready to be enjoyed.

Consider purchasing rare and vintage cigars.

It is not uncommon for people to collect wine, beer, or other alcohol. Cigars are no different and can be a great addition to your collection. Consider purchasing rare and vintage cigars. Not only are they good to show off, but they can also be your most valuable pieces in your cigar collection.

Mix it up!

A cigar collection doesn’t have to be just one type of cigar. Mixing it up will not only provide diversity in your collection, but it will give you more options of cigars to smoke and share for different occasions and milestones in your life.


A cigar collection is a wonderful thing, but to truly enjoy it and get the most out of your money, you must take the time to find out what you like, where you want to buy from, when cigars are at their prime, and how you want your collection to look. Explore local cigar shops to find the perfect cigars for your collection.

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