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What Is It About Cigar Smoking That Makes it a Luxurious Experience?

Cigar smoking has become an increasingly popular pastime for cigar enthusiasts. The popularity of cigars has surged in recent years, with many places especially in the U.S making it easy to find a cigar shop and lounge full of fellow aficionados and their esteemed smokes. In fact, the industry continues to boom even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quite understandably, cigar smoking is an experience in itself. For cigar smokers, luxury extends beyond the moment when they first light up their favorite cigar and take in that earthy aroma. Cigar smokers have access to a whole new world when they want it – one with its own culture, vocabulary, history – all waiting for them at every turn! 

Cigars are a luxury product that is often associated with wealth and success.

The status and fame of cigars can be traced back to its history and how it is made. In the 20th century, cigar production was very limited. Many countries have also prohibited the trade and consumption of cigars. Cigars carry a certain elegance – as they are created by hand. It requires a lot of time and manual labor. In fact, premium cigars are still handmade today. 

With these prohibitions and exclusivity, cigars were viewed as a luxurious commodity only the rich can afford. And with many powerful figures such as Winston Churchill and Che Guevarra who were known to smoke cigars, this has significantly added to its costs.

Cigars are also fine accompaniments to other luxury products like whisky, red wine, or even luxurious settings like going to a private cigar shop and lounge.

There is an art and ritual attached to cigar smoking.

One of the biggest reasons why cigar smoking is a luxurious experience, has to do with one’s ability to take as much time as they want with it: from selecting the cigar to taking a big, satisfying puff. So, whether you are having a celebration in a cigar shop in Florida, a quality time with friends, or just doing some contemplation by yourself, cigar smoking is an experience that guarantees to give you a luxurious feel.

Cigar smoking serves as a guilty pleasure at the end of a long day.

The cigar’s construction relies on a fine balance of flavors, aromas and textures to result in the desired effect: relaxation. Smoking a cigar takes about 45 minutes to two hours so you can use this time to be still and indulge in the moment.  It may even be a time to indulge in the finer things like reading, thinking about life or just enjoying being with friends. Cigar after cigar, your pallet is treated to a new range of tastes that are altogether intriguing. There’s nothing quite like smoking your favorite cigar after a long chaotic day.

Step into the cigar lifestyle.

Cigars are a luxurious product and they have their own culture, vocabulary, history – all waiting for you at every turn. Step inside a good cigar shop in Florida to catch the aroma of quality tobacco and find out more about this lifestyle.

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